Dear supporters

After some debate in Council tonight, Councillors have passed the following motion unanimously in support of saving Marian Street Theatre!

The motion is:

A ) That Council receives and notes the Save Marian St Theatre Committee Business Plan and staff continue to work with the Save Marian St Theatre Committee and the community, in developing plans for the renewal and future management of the Marian St Theatre utilising the detailed Business Plan submitted

B ) That Council commits to the renewal of the Marian St Theatre, consistent with the recent Council resolution,  and based the renewal on the multi-purpose plan concept.

C ) The Council recognises that within the Save Marian St Theatre Business Plan there is a capital funding model but it is also recognises that Council may choose an alternative model

D ) That Council a Project Steering Committee with an agreed set of skills to be determined

E ) That work begins on building the revamped Marian St ‘Theatre Plus’ within three years

F ) That council acknowledges and thanks the Save Marian St Theatre Committee for the contribution and the significant work that has been undertaken to date

Moved: Clr Callum Clark
Seconded: Mayor Jennifer Anderson

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our Councillors who voted UNANIMOUSLY in favour of Saving Marian St Theatre – in particular Councillors Szatow and Pettett whose amendment was incorporated into the final motion. Many Councillors spoke brilliantly – a particular shout out to the mentions of Marian St Theatre for Young People by Councillors Citer and Ngai.

While we are still trying to digest the news ourselves, to say thank you to all our fantastic supporters like yourself (many whom were out flyering at 7am this morning), we are planning to have a meeting/party where we will discuss the outcome this Sunday in Selkirk Park at 3pm. There’ll be jazz, and we’ll provide an update on what the next steps are for us as a committee now. Bring a plate to share – it will be an event to be remembered! We’ll also work on a way to make it a good warming-winter celebration during these cold winter months…

See details, and RSVP here – this Sunday 3 to 5pm, Selkirk Park, Marian St, Killara (right next to Marian St Theatre).

Many thanks again to YOU, our supporters – we could only have come so far with the support of people like yourselves who take a stand for what they believe in. Together, we will Save Marian St Theatre.

Best wishes
John Townend
Save Marian St Theatre Committee