Contact Councillors – Make your voice heard

Want to make your voice heard? Tell the Councillors why you believe Marian Street Theatre should be re-opened.

Please make all emails polite and respectful – our Councillors are individuals who go above and beyond to help their community, and many are not aware how much the community support the building.

We have put together some information here to assist supporters writing their emails:

  1. Write your own email – key messages
  2. Template email for you to copy, paste and send
  3. Contact details of Councillors

Not a resident? Not a problem! Just write to the Councillors anyway – this will be a venue that will bring tourism and business to the area. Knowing that there are people out there who will support the venue by attending shows from outside the area is important.

Not sure which Councillor to write to? Write to them all! Or if you are Ku-ring-gai Resident and just want to write to your elected representative please use this search to find out which ward you belong to.

Did you get a reply? Send it to us! We’d love to hear how Councillors feel about the building: info @

Write your own email

Key Messages:

Thank you for being on a forward-looking Council which

  • values the community’s cultural life as well as its sports facilities
  • sees theatre as important as other cultural facilities such as libraries.

Reasons to renovate and re-open:

  • Why I want to see the theatre re-opened – my connection with the theatre
  • The theatre’s proud heritage of prize-winning adult theatre and unique children’s theatre.
  • It is already there, and forward-looking and exciting plans have been developed.
  • The community has said it is aware of the theatre and wants to retain it, in several Council-commissioned studies.
  • It will bring business to surrounding areas.
  • It will bring Ku-ring-gai into line with other culturally aware municipalities such as Parramatta and Northern Beaches Councils.
  • Council is working with a local passionate group, Save Marian Street Theatre, which has considerable business, management, theatre industry and fund-raising skills.
  • The theatre will also become a hub for other arts such as music and art.
  • It will provide programmes relevant to people from a range of ages, backgrounds and tastes.

Template email

Dear Councillor  


I understand that Council is working with the community group Save Marian Street Theatre to renovate and re-open the theatre.

Congratulations! The theatre is a long-established icon of the Killara landscape, and the only theatre on the upper North Shore. Marian Street Theatre is much loved and much missed, both by those who value adult theatre, and the generations whose children have been introduced to live performances there by the Marian Street Theatre for Young People.

The plans proposed by the Save Marian Street Theatre envisage a revitalised theatre which capitalises on its situation next to beautiful Selkirk Park, and widens its appeal to include the other arts, offering music performances, art exhibitions etc. This will add value and make it an exciting place to visit. It will also bring custom to surrounding businesses.

Clearly this will cost considerable money; but a theatre is a community facility just as important as libraries and sports fields. It is wonderful that you understand this.

Making the decision to join other councils around Sydney which whole-heartedly support their local theatre, such as Parramatta with the Riverside Theatres and Northern Beaches Council with Glen Street proves that Ku-ring-gai is a forward-thinking Council. You are prepared to listen to what your community has wanted for a long time, which is a vibrant, fully functional theatre with up-to-date facilities that are versatile and welcoming to people of varying ages, backgrounds and tastes.

Investing in this theatre is sowing the seeds for an enriched cultural life for Ku-ring-gai residents. Please give this project your warmest support.

Yours sincerely

Councillors – contact details

Roseville Ward

Mayor Jennifer Anderson

0437 037 452


Cr Sam Ngai

0436 655 543


St Ives Ward

Cr David Citer

0478 489 433


Cr Martin Smith

0436 663 376


Comenarra Ward

Deputy Mayor Callum Clarke

0436 663 375


Cr Jeff Pettett

0478 489 430


Wahroonga Ward

Cr Donna Greenfield

0436 655 544


Cr Cedric Spencer

0436 661 911

Gordon Ward

Cr Cheryl Szatow

0434 317 328


Cr Peter Kelly

0436 654 499