Soon, Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council will be voting on the future of Marian Street Theatre.

In advance of that meeting, the Save MST Committee is preparing a business plan for the theatre that includes projected costings for running it as a fully-fledged cultural centre.

We see MST as being the cultural hub for our municipality into the future, with live theatre, art shows, sculpture, music and drama tuition for young people all being part of the mix. We want to integrate the theatre into next-door Selkirk Park, with an amphitheatre being just one of three performance venues in the complex. We want a café where theatre-goers can have a meal and young mums can watch while their children play in the park.

None of this will happen without community support. This is the whole raison d’être for the committee’s existence. As a well-known car ad says: Everything we do is driven by you.

Turning the concept into reality requires a Yes vote from Council and a Yes vote from the community as well.

Can You Help?

We need volunteers now, more than ever. We must mobilise the community of Ku-ring-gai to make this happen. We need volunteers to:

·         Letter box,

·         Liaise with schools,

·         Distribute flyer at train stations,

·         Put posters in shop windows, and

·         Liaise with ethnic communities

in advance of that all-important Council meeting.


Do you know any of the Councillors? If so, talk to them. Tell them why you want MST re-opened. Tell them you don’t want Ku-ring-gai to remain a cultural wasteland.


Register now as a volunteer. Simply click here to register or email the committee at info @


Thank-you for your support!