To our volunteers and supporters


We had a positive and constructive meeting yesterday with staff at Ku-ring-gai Council. They reminded us that Council last year resolved that Marian Street Theatre was Council’s primary choice for a theatre in Ku-ring-gai.

However they have suggested that we delay two weeks to Tuesday the 10th April for the vote in Council. The reasons for this are so we can work together with management towards incorporating income and expenditure for the capital and ongoing costs for the theatre into the Business Plan, and hopefully into the overall Ku-ring-gai Council budget.

Management explained that as Council currently has no money allocated for Marian Street Theatre, it has to be seen as a priority by Councillors so that funds can be allocated towards it. As we have always maintained, access to the arts is just as vital as access to sporting fields, libraries and other public amenities, and something which receives very minimal funding in our area – this balance needs to be redressed. They explained this is not necessarily a problem but it is a process Councillors must approve. Hence the importance of our publicity campaign to the community and our request to all our supporters (residents and non-residents) to contact the local councillors and let them know you support the plan to re-open Marian Street Theatre.

Is this a bad decision?
Not at all! This give us two more weeks for supporters to contact Councillors – if you haven’t already please take the time to do so now:…/contact-councillors-…/

Contacting Councillors is the primary way you can make your voice heard, and thank you if you have already done this. Contacting Councillors is absolutely vital to the success (or not) of the campaign to re-open Marian Street Theatre.

Thank you for your understanding. We will have some volunteers there on the 27th March for those supporters who don’t get the message about the date change.

Yours sincerely
John Townend
Chair Save Marian Street Theatre