The date the Save Marian Street Theatre Business Plan goes to Council is now planned to be 26th June so that it can coincide with the adoption of Council’s financial plan…please keep an eye on your emails and on the website as dates are not finally set until the Thursday prior to council meeting. A demonstration of support from the community, both in giving feedback to the proposed addition of MST to the long term financial plan and to have a full council chamber on 26th June, is critical to convince Councillors that the only choice is to reopen the theatre.


The new details for the event are:

DATE: 7pm Tuesday 26th June

LOCATION: Council Chambers, Pacific Highway, Gordon

BRING: Red clothing! In support of the theatre


Councillors have also alerted us to a very important step we need to participate in helping save Marian St Theatre – however this must be done prior to the 8th June.

Excitingly, Marian St Theatre was put on Council’s Long Term Financial Plan in a special motion by Councillors earlier this month. This has ensured that Marian St Theatre has a place in Council’s budgets in up coming years (including ongoing costs)…and may mean the building will be reopened earlier than had been anticipated!

However, not all Councillors support a reopened Marian St Theatre, and MST can still be removed from the Council’s plans.

What can you do to help?

There is an official process for submitting a response in support of the theatre, to make sure all voices are heard. In the words of one Councillor “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for friends of Marian St Theatre to support the addition of MST to the long term financial plans of Council“.

It will take 5 minutes and is an easy submission process. We suggest writing along the lines: “I support the inclusion of Marian St Theatre into Council’s long term financial plan because…”

You can find out more and submit your feedback here.

Thank you again for all you do and your support.