As part of the Ku-ring-gai and wider community we encourage and welcome your interest and active participation as a supporter of SMST to help ensure, as we work with Council, the Marian Street Theatre will re-open as the best possible theatre plus venue it can be.

Through community efforts and encouragement we are delighted to announce that, in June 2018, the owners of Marian St Theatre, Ku-ring-gai Council, voted unanimously to re-open Marian St Theatre.

In May 2020 Council adopted the architects’, Tonkin, Zulaikha, Greer, plans and lodged the Development Application (DA).

Construction on Marian St Theatre is scheduled to start mid 2021! There’s still a lot to do. At present we’re working constructively with Councillors and staff to help ensure we can achieve the best possible theatre-plus for Ku-ring-gai, Sydney and beyond.

We are encouraging all supporters to contact their Councillors and thank them for their support.


To fulfil our mission there are ongoing expenses for printing flyers, posters, website, soirées and other elements of the campaign. If you would like to make a contribution to the running costs of the campaign, you will make a significant difference to the MST outcome. The SMST are all volunteers and are supporting the campaign financially – this is, of course, not for the capital works on the theatre, but rather to fulfil our Mission: working with Council to engage with, inform and to encourage the community to contribute ideas and support for the re-opening of MST.


We are looking for volunteers to help:

  1. hand out leaflets (post COVID 19 restrictions)
  2. letterbox drops
  3. sending information to and engaging with clubs, schools, churches and societies.
    Other skills we are looking for include database entry and management, office duties, welcoming and hosting assistance at our events. Sign up as a supporter (see link below) and let us know how you can help.

Bank details
1) Direct deposit details:
Name of account: Save Marian Street Theatre Fund
Bank: Bendigo Bank Turramurra
BSB: 633-000
ACC: 161466586

2) Cheques can be made out to:
Save Marian Street Theatre Fund
Marian Street Theatre
19 Marian Street
Killara, NSW 2071


Do you want to be the first to hear about events…and when the reopening of Marian St Theatre will be? Haven’t you heard? It’s reopening soon!