1. Ask friends to sign up as a friend of Marian St Theatre, either on the website savemariansttheatre.com or via this direct link: https://mailchi.mp/b966d6cca21d/save-marian-street-theatre
  2. We are looking for help with organising of volunteers – for anyone with excellent communication and organisation skills. This would be spread between a number of people.
  3. Posters in public places – the artwork for this will be emailed through shortly, it’s currently being designed. These can be put up at sports clubs, schools, shopping centres and other public places
  4. Distributing flyers – in letter boxes and handing them out at train stations, churches, local schools, shopping centres in the couple of weeks leading up to the vote.
  5. The committee is looking for a new secretary – this is a role for someone experienced, and with the time to really take on the job. Email us if you think this maybe you, or you know someone: info @ savemariansttheatre.com
  6. Petition – ask friends and family to sign the petition if they haven’t already (email us and we’ll send you through the petition)
  7. Help with social media – we need to get the word out there, but have limited time to see this happen. Think you could help? Get in touch!

If there’s something else you can help with, please let us know: info @ savemariansttheatre.com

We need a huge groundswell of support to see the theatre re-opened!