Last Tuesday Council voted to re-open Marian St Theatre! More updates to come. Some memorable moments from very supportive Councillors:

“Marian St Theatre has a history, we deserve to give it a future” Cheryl Ann Szatow

“It’s time to be pro-active tonight” David Citer Counselling David Citer

“We have finally got somewhere to go on this journey” Cr Pettett speaking on Playoust Churcher Architects design

“Isn’t this the next step?” Cr Christiane Berlioz

“That’s the dream…it’s time to make a decision” Cr David Armstrong

“Let’s get Marian Street Theatre reopened again” Cr Duncan McDonald

The motion:
A) Select the Marian Street Theatre site as preferred option for theatre in Ku-ring-gai
B) Reaffirm support for the work of the Save Marian Street Theatre Committee
C) To grant $37,000 to Save Marian Street Theatre Committee for the cost of a feasibility study which will gauge for the first time the strength of the financial commitment to bring Marian Street Theatre into the 21st Century.

This is a HUGE step forward. Marian Street Theatre will be reopened!

More news coming soon…