Volunteers for April – Cheat Sheet

For those who have already registered.

What am I doing again?

Forgotten what you’ve signed up to do? Check here, or get in contact: info @ savemariansttheatre.com

Have we got something incorrect, or you can no longer help with something? Get in touch and let us know so we can update.

I’ve finished! What do I do?

Great! Please fill out this completion form to let us know – you can also provide feedback here on how it went, we’d love to know. With over 100 volunteers this March, we need to make sure we keep organised, these forms are the easiest way for us to do this.

Putting flyers in letter boxes

One of the primary ways you can help is by putting in letterboxes – you can do these on your morning/afternoon walk any time that suits you between Wednesday 14th and Saturday 24 March.

It’s easy: just collect a bundle of leaflets from the verandah of 19 Marian Street Killara (just next to the shops and opposite the Theatre) any time from Thursday 8th March. Each bundle will have a list attached with your assigned streets, and then you can get walking!

Allow about 3-4 hours to comfortably complete your route, but you can do this over several days if you wish. Do please remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, take plenty of water and observe the usual safety procedures when crossing roads. If you feel unwell while walking, please don’t continue, but let the volunteer coordinator know (Julie: 0410 696 290) and we will find someone else to take over your route.

Handing out flyers at stations

For handing out leaflets at railway stations between Roseville and Wahroonga from 7am to 9am.

What to do:

  1. arrive at your station at 6:50am to meet the other volunteers and collect your flyers and put out signs
  2. 7 – 9am flyer away! Don’t be afraid to walk up to people – they won’t take flyers from you unless you offer them out (no point just standing there)
  3. at 9am, put the remaining flyers in the box with the sign and give them to the volunteer coordinator who comes to collect them

What to bring:

  1. comfortable shoes
  2. a bottle of water

If you get confused/lost on the day, please don’t hesitate to give John a bell on: 0411 059 411. Please bear in mind that we are covering a lot of stations, so if we’re not at your station right on time, it’s because we’re helping with the other stations. Please just be patient, or give us a call.

Putting up posters at shopping centres/handing out flyers there

Please collect your posters from the porch of 19 Marian St, Killara from the 4th of March. The earlier these get up the better! Please also (when you can) go back and check to see if they’re still up.

Tote Bags and Polo Shirts

To fund the campaign, we are selling limited edition tote bags and polo shirts. These will become part of Ku-ring-gai’s and theatre’s history. If you’d like to find out more (or order one), please fill out the order form here. It’s also a great way of spreading the word!

Copyright Luke Playoust (concept) and Jacinta Purnell (drawing)

Anything else?

Get in contact! While we aim to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, we are all volunteers, most of us with full time jobs. We all do what we can! info @ savemariansttheatre.com