The next Sixty Minute Soiree will be ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Marian St Theatre’ – featuring special guest Ron Haddrick

DATE          Mon 25 Sept – 6 – 7pm (doors open 5:30pm)
LOCATION  Bowling Club, Arnold St, Killara (2 mins from the train station)
COST          Free! Reserve you place now

This meeting we aim to address some key questions:

  1. Why is Marian St Theatre closed?
  2. What do we need to do to see it re-opened?
  3. Why is Marian St Theatre the preferred option for theatre in Ku-ring-gai?
  4. What is the committee doing?
  5. What will be performing there when it is re-opened?

Plus it should be a really entertaining evening with special guests including Ron Haddrick speaking with Wendy Blaxland about the past of Marian St Theatre, Di Yerbury speaking about the future of the theatre, New Councillors are invited to speak on the theatre and culture in Ku-ring-gai, and Evelyn Mason from Evelyn Mason and Associates on the next stage of re-opening the theatre. It’s a packed evening.

Why does attending help Marian St Theatre re-open?

Same as why people organise rallies! The more people attend the events, the more we can prove the place Marian St Theatre has in the hearts and minds of the broader community. So it’s like a rally…but way more entertaining and informative. Plus you get to sit down.

More Q&A Time

Based off feedback we’re getting, everyone has lots of questions. So we’ve got more time in this session for them – please come on down and ask them.


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