How do meetings run?

The Mayor of Ku-ring-gai chairs the meeting, with nine other Councillors. Only the Councillors and Mayor can vote. Councillors can ask questions of the Ku-ring-gai Council staff as well.

You can view the agenda for the 26th June here – it’s recommended to read this in advance of the meeting if you can.

How long do they usually go? (should I eat before?)

Have dinner before, just in case.

Council meetings start promptly at 7pm on Tuesdays, and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to…a very long long time. You don’t have to stay the whole time. Our Councillors and staff do though, and regularly stay long into the night discussing important community matters on our behalf.

Can I speak?

Of course – but only if you register between 6:15 and 6:55pm at the Council Chambers. Community members can speak either in General Business (at the very start of a meeting) or to an item listed on the agenda (like Marian St Theatre on the 26th June, 2018). There is a strict time limit of 3 minutes.

If you’d like to speak regarding Marian St Theatre, we’d love to hear from you: info @

Can I comment/clap/boo/cheer during the meeting?

No – we must be silent during the meeting. Unless you have registered before, members of the public are not able to speak during the meetings. Councillors only may speak, and Councillors may ask questions to staff during the meeting.

Who are Councillors?

Councillors are YOUR elected local representatives for whom you vote for at a local election. There are two representatives from each of the five wards in Ku-ring-gai. If you would like to contact your elected representatives, you can find their contact details here.

Does it really matter if I attend?

YES! Your attendance demonstrates clearly and loudly that you care.

If you’d like to show you care about Marian St Theatre on the 26th June – come wearing RED!

Register your attendance here

(While you can of course show up, this is just for us to get a sense of numbers in advance)

If you’d like to see the official Ku-ring-gai Council Code of Meeting Practice, you can view it here. This is just an unofficial guide to help those who haven’t attended a meeting before with what to expect. If you have specific questions about how meetings run, you can always contact Ku-ring-gai Council for advice.

See you at the meeting!