The date is set for Tuesday the 27th of March at 7pm, and we are encouraging everyone with an interest in Marian Street Theatre to attend. This is a hugely important vote where Councillors will decide:

1) Will they commit to re-opening Marian St Theatre?
2) Will they commit funds to the renovations? – no other funds from the public or private sector will be pledged until the owners of the building first say they will support it.
3) Will they commit to supporting the ongoing operation of the theatre? – there’s no point reopening it if it won’t stay open!

Ultimately, in the long run, there really is only two choices: renovate the theatre, or say good bye to it forever. Delays in the process really only serve one purpose; to let the building degrade further (it has already been closed for 4 years) which will mean it will cost more to renovate…

However, seeing the huge amount of community support – would the community ever let the theatre go? Even if Councillors voted that way? No – never! Therefore the choice is really between renovating it now for less cost, or renovating it later for more cost. As tax payers, we all know how we would like our funds to be spent – wisely. Just do the renovations now.

Please come along and show your support – let’s pack out the Council chambers and show them how much the community cares.

Register to attend here (this just gives us an idea of numbers), but if you don’t register, come along anyway!